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Derrick Wlodarz from Firelogic.net


  • Previous Podnutz Daily Appearance – Oct 2010
  • How I got my start

    • Took A+/Network+ classes Junior & Senior years; passed both exams
    • Intern for tech dept in high school
    • Started working for a local competitor Senior year
    • Went back to work full time for high school dist during college
    • Started doing repairs for friends/family in college
    • Built FireLogic from a hobby
    • Formalized biz in early 2010
    • Went full time with FL in mid 2012
    • Now 7 full time staff; 5 part time subs
  • Products/Tools We are Using

    • Google Project Fi for cell phone service
      • Dual carriers – Sprint and Tmobile
      • WiFi Calling
      • Very cheap – $20 for calling/texting + $10 per gig
    • Fab’s Autobackup 6 Pro
    • DataVac – Small portable duster; pays for itself in about 3-4 packs of compressed air
      • Went from compressed air cans to air compressor; this beats them both
  • PC Check – vendor independent full system diagnostics
    • Doesn’t work on MAC but handles 95%+ of all PCs
    • Every PC into our office is “green lighted” by this
  • Fluke Testers – for Cat5/Cat6 Testing and Validation
  • Meraki firewalls / access points for managed residential/business networks
    • Primary router and WAP we are using for most commercial overhauls now
    • Work AWESOME with cloud hosted VoIP (unlike many SMB firewalls)
    • Benefits:
      • All customer networks accessible from single dashboard
      • Automated firmware updates for all products
      • Next day warranty replacement – aka lifetime warranty on all gear
      • 24/7 support from Meraki engineers – awesome US based support
      • Customer can grow from single Meraki device to dozens with no extra management effort
      • Integrated IPS/IDS/Content Filtering with advanced security license (on firewalls)
    • Give Meraki a try via a free AP they offer from webinars
  • Business Tips & How We Get Work

    • How we built our client base
      • Volunteer classes @ local libraries
        • People trust libraries inherently
        • Easy referral source now – we are referred business by name
        • Allows us to build training experience for staff
        • Gives us excellent YouTube Channel content – 700 subscribers and growing
      • Blogging for sites like Betanews – grew my Google Apps/O365/VoIP business largely
      • Strategic partnerships w/ other local colleagues
        • MSP & Business Support partnership with local single person company; getting referred by wiring company handling large bars and restaurants in Chicago
        • Handling high end home networks for AV company
        • Multiple single-person shops that are referring work they can’t handle
      • Word of Mouth very critical from current clients
      • People upset with service by big boxes & my former boss
    • Recurring Revenue Sources
      • Managed clients: primarily biz but also offering for residential in 2016
      • Recurring Commissions
        • Selling: RingCentral; Office 365; CallTower; Comcast/ISP services
    • We had to prune our service offerings and “exterminate” the losers
      • Website design / SEO
      • Tablet/phone screen repair
      • DC Jack & Mobo repair on laptops
      • CRM
  • Find me Online

    • Email me
    • Ebook on Computer Repair Business in late 2016 / early 2017 likely

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