Project Kabuto

Project Kabuto

Quick Updates:

Estimated Release Date: Mid April
Video Walkthrough Release: Next Week (3/23 – 3/27)

What is Project Kabuto?

We recently announced a new product that we’re working on, called Project Kabuto. Through some recent conversations with techs, a feature request was proposed which seemed to be more like a standalone concept rather than an addition we could make to TechSuite. After tossing this new idea around with our team and customers, we got excited and determined that this could be a killer new product for technicians. So, naturally, we sketched some mockups and blasted into a full fledged development effort.

Overview of the App

Project Kabuto is a lightweight application that technicians can use to bring customers back to their repair shop when they have issues. Simply install it on the client’s machine after you service their computer, and it will notify them when they encounter issues, and provide your contact information so they can get in touch with you for help.

Why is Kabuto Valuable?

  • Resell it as a managed service
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Get jobs that wouldn’t have come up otherwise

Here is a screenshot of the current UI design:

Both Kabuto Screens – The middle screen would appear once they click “Request Service” in the bottom right.

Your customer is shown a message with your contact information if certain events are triggered:

  • Hard Drive Failure
  • App Crash
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Disk Fragmentation
  • Low Disk Space
  • Missing A / V
  • Regular Check-Up (ex. “We haven’t heard from you in a while, need help with anything?”)

Close-up of the bottom-right Kabuto screen. This pops up when they have an issue.

When they click “Request Service” this screen will pop up with more information as to how to contact you.

Currently, we’re blasting through our development schedule and making swift progress. We’re actively talking with technicians about new ideas, and we’d absolutely love your thoughts. Feel free to get in touch with us via phone, email or on our forums:

Phone: 805.242.0468

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